Air Jordan XX8

XX8 Days of Flight

One day dedicated to each Air Jordan. The ultimate celebration of the Jumpman legacy and the countdown to the release of the Air Jordan XX8.

XX8 Days of Flight Website

Starting with the Air Jordan I on Day 1, we featured exclusive content inspired by the Jordan of the day. Content included collaborations with artists, graphic designers, DJs and rappers. 

XX8 Days of Flight Mixtape

Each track was released on the XX8 Days of Flight Soundcloud page along with an instrumental version. This gave fans the opportunity to record their own versions of the songs. 

AJXX8 Shoe Demo

The Air Jordan XX8 boasts an ultra-modern stealth design for elite performance including more technological advances than any Air Jordan to date.

AJXX8 Invitation

Each influencer received a box. Inside was a UV flashlight and a poster with the event details that were printed in UV ink, hidden until you shined the light on it.

Role: Art Director
Agency: AKQA San Francisco
Production Company (Shoe Demo): Obscura Digital